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With regard to the planned move of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the international standards of geological reporting, the Code of Public Reporting on Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Reserves of Kazakhstan (KAZRC Code) was developed; The Professional Association of Independent Experts in Subsoil Use Public Association (PONEN) was established on November 25, 2015. PONEN establishment is an important step to integrate the mining and geological industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan into the global mineral and raw materials complex. In the future, it will definitely contribute to harmonization of the state interests and subsoil users interests and will improve investment appeal of the fields of Kazakhstan.

The main goal of PONEN establishment is development of best practices of independent evaluation of subsoil resources in the Republic and improvement of efficiency of examination and development of natural resources. The initiative group consists of manages and leading specialists of geological companies from different regions of Kazakhstan. it is further planned to admit experts as PONEN members from the most qualified specialists of geological prospecting organizations and mining organizations in order to ensure the entire range of independent examination of subsoil resources.

In the long run, establishment of such association in Kazakhstan should receive a widespread response abroad and ensure more active attraction of foreign investment to the mining and geological complex of Kazakhstan and recognition of PONEN by the Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO). With respect to adoption of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Subsoil and Subsoil Use expected in 2016 with full movement of the subsoil evaluation in the country to international standards, establishment of a professional organization of independent experts and in this regard appearance of the national institute of “competent persons” is a major step forward in integration of Kazakhstan specialists into the global geological community.

The documents required to join PONEN:

1. PONEN membership admission application (Download the application from the website);
2. Detailed CV, including indication of current position, education and professional training, work experience, competence, publications, language skills and other relative skills;
3. Copies of professional education documents such as diplomas, certificates, etc.;
4. Copies of certificates on assignment of the academic or scientific degrees or acquisition of practical qualifications (if available);
5. Copies of certificates of participation in specialized seminars or other events (if available);
6. Copy of the passport in country of citizenship;
7. A colour photograph of the candidate (3 × 4 cm; paste it into the application);
8. Written recommendations from guarantors (in free form);
9. E-mail the scanned copies of all documents to, send the original copy of the application to Almaty, +7 (727) 247 26 73; +77013390988; 050043, Bostandyk district, 1a/3 Askarov street, Koshek batyr street.