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  • International recognition
  • Compliance with international standards
  • Responsibility and professionalism
  • Wide response abroad
  • Institute of Competent Persons

PONEN plays a key role in the development and improvement of the mining industry not only in Kazakhstan, but also beyond its borders.

About Us

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PONEN: Where Experts Become Collaborators in Mountain Opportunities. Quality, Ethics, Development – Our Standards in the Global Mining Industry!

PONEN is an association of experts, professionals and aspiring specialists in the mining industry. PONEN is an internationally recognized professional organization (RPO), along with many other organizations around the world that are part of the CRIRSCO family.

The key provision of international standards is the responsibility of each specialist for the quality of their work. Membership in PONEN is the status of a specialist who is responsible for the quality of his work, who accepts obligations to comply with the code of ethics and who wants to continuously carry out his professional development.

The establishment of PONEN received a wide response abroad. Many experts from foreign countries joined PONEN. This contributed to the creation of our own institute of Competent Persons who evaluate deposits according to the KAZRC standard.

Kazakhstan's accession to CRIRSCO

The year 2016

KAZRC reports begun to be accepted by the Geology Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The year 2019

Kazakhstan’s transition to full compliance with international standards for exploration projects. For production projects issued before December 31, 2023, the Subsoil user has the right to submit KAZRC reports or GKZ reports

The year 2024

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