• Continuous professional development
  • Standards support
  • Support and protection of organization members

PONEN is an organization that has brought together under its wing the most experienced and talented professionals in the mining industry.

PONEN Strategy

Paving the way
We invite everyone who aspires to build a successful career in the mining industry to chart their path with us. At PONEN we enable your ambitions by providing the highest standard of support and opportunity.

PONEN is not just an organization, it is a community with more than 15,000 members both in Kazakhstan and around the world. We are proud to bring together experienced and talented professionals in the mining industry. Membership in PONEN provides unique opportunities to expand your knowledge, skills and connections in this dynamic industry.
At PONEN, every member is valued, and we guarantee that you will feel not only part of the organization, but also an active participant in its life. Join PONEN, where your journey in the mining industry will become a success story!

Our goal is to create a space where mining professionals can interact, learn from each other, and grow the industry together.

Our goal

We are committed to excellence in the professional development of our members by providing access to cutting-edge knowledge, resources and a network of experts.

Our mission

Our values are to support high standards of professionalism and ethics, solidarity, innovation and openness in the extractive industry.

Our values

We strive to ensure that each member feels important and actively participates in the life of the organization, thus ensuring maximum benefit from membership in PONEN.

Activities of PONEN

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