The first Kazakhstan Geological Universiade



The first Kazakhstan Geological Universiade

We announce the successful completion of the First Kazakh Geological Universiade "Satpayev" in honor of the 125th anniversary of Academician Kanysh Imantaevich Satpayev, which took place from June 10 to 16 at the Satbayev University training ground in Karatau.
The event brought together students from the best universities in the country, including Satbayev University, Kazakh-British Technical University, Nazarbayev University, Semey Geological Exploration College, Karaganda Technical University. academician A.S. Saginov, Korkyt ata Kyzylorda University, Safi Utebayev Atyrau University, M.H. Dulati Taraz Regional University and the Caspian Public University.
The head of the IC Secretariat, PONEN - Kunanbayeva Zaure, was a member of the judging panel and took an active part in evaluating competitions in structural geology, petrography, mineralogy and paleontology on the field route.
At the closing of the Universiade, honorary guests are members of the PONEN Kauldashev Kadyrzhan Amirzhanovich and Bekbotaeva Alma Anar

An unusual cultural and educational event was held within the framework of the First Kazakh Geological Universiade "Satpayev". Zaure Kunanbayeva, head of the secretariat of the IC PONEN, held an intellectual game "What? Where? When?" with a geological bias, which aroused great interest among the participants.

The package of questions provided by IK PONEN included questions on logic in the field of geology. Before the start of the game, Zaure Kunanbayeva held a presentation in which she highlighted the key aspects of the activities of SPONEN and spoke about the importance of joining the ranks of SPONEN for the career development of young professionals.
The team from Nazarbayev University, which showed the best results, was awarded with PONEN presents in recognition of their knowledge and skills.
This event not only contributed to the expansion of the professional knowledge of the participants, but also strengthened the ties between future specialists of various geological disciplines.